Invisalign Shakopee, MN

Invisalign: The Nitty Gritty

Invisalign was popular the moment manufacturers released a way for people to get straighter teeth without braces. Even in the early years of treatment, when the aligner system was perceived as a cosmetic enhancement only, adults rushed to their dentist to see how they could improve the appearance of their smile. Since that time, we […]

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Know Before You Go

Summer is finally here! We know what that means. Countless of families from our area will be heading out. Hitting the open road. Hopping a flight. Riding the rails. Summertime provides a great opportunity for travel. Even if the months ahead don’t hold a lengthy vacation for you, there may be plenty of nice, long […]

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Cosmetic Dentistry: It’s All About You

At O’Brien Dental Care, we love seeing what is possible with good dental care. Whether the goal is prevention or restoration or enhancement, we believe in centering the performance of treatment around you. It is your smile, after all! By law, cosmetic dental treatments may be conducted in a general dental office. One does not […]

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For Straighter Teeth, You Just Need A Few Simple Answers

Many of the patients we meet express an interest in straightening their teeth. A good number of them are adults. When you think about it, the standard of care, braces, has historically been perceived as something one did in their teenage years; or, rather, something their parents made them do. As an adult, one can […]

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Tooth Decay May Not Be Your Biggest Concern

Historically, what people have feared about seeing the dentist is to hear that they have a cavity or two. In the last several decades, the focus of dental care has seemingly revolved around preventing, detecting, and treating cavities, and then gum disease, or the two together. In any case, more extensive treatments like root canal therapy […]

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Too White: Is that a Thing?

White teeth. We all love them, even if we don’t think about this fact on a routine basis. Just think of how you respond to people with bright smiles. Think of how you feel when you look at your smile. If your teeth are radiating your personality, you feel satisfied and confident. If they are […]

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Cosmetic Dentistry

So Many Choices for a Bright, Dazzling Smile

By now, most people recognize the immense value of an attractive smile. Study after study has suggested that it isn’t what you wear that gets the most attention, it’s how nicely you smile. If your teeth are stained or yellow, smiling is the last thing you want to do. You know you want to say […]

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Could Invisalign Really be All That?

Straight teeth. We would all like them, but we may have questions about how to get them. There is a common thought that braces can out-do Invisalign several times over. In some cases, such as severe malocclusion, this may be true. However, we are learning through daily experience that there are more cases in which […]

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Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety, Get over It!

Have you avoided seeing the dentist throughout your adult life? Do those close to you tell you to “just get over it?” We know. Dental anxiety is not something you can just get over. It is very real and can be very strong. We want to help you get the dental care you need, regardless […]

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dental care

Cavity-Prone? This may be Why!

Cavities are a common problem that most people encounter from time to time. Because a cavity can be somewhat painful (or really painful!) and this damage to your tooth means you’ll need restorative care, we understand why you would want to do all that you could to prevent such unnecessary injury. A big part of […]

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